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    Why I will recommend “Dr Win Huang” to you , these reasons below are important. 1, Dr Win Huang got the doctoral degree in acupuncture in china. He went to Heilongjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine University to study acupuncture in 1989, he spend for six years studying, he got his Master degree and doctoral degree in acupuncture in 1992 and 1995.at present he is one of the highest degree in acupuncture area in New Zealand. 2, Dr Win Huang learned from famous acupuncture expert and professor. Dr Win Huang had been learning from Dr Sun for six years from 1989 to 1995, Dr Win Huang learn about more acupuncture clinical experience from Dr Sun, which is important to Dr Win Huang’ clinical practice in hospital 3, Dr Win Huang has abundant acupuncture clinical experience. Firstly Dr Win Huang had learned from Dr Sun for six years, it is important six years for enriching his clinical experience. Secondly Dr Win Huang has been practicing acupuncture in the Acupuncture Department of Shandong Province Hospital as a expert and professor, and he has a professional acupuncture clinic in Auckland New Zealand from 2002. 4, Dr Win Huang has both the knowledge of Chinese medicine and western medicine. He went to HeZE Medical College in 1981, then he had studied western medicine for three years, then he had worked in neurological department in ZaoZhuang hospital for 5 years. So he had spent his 9 years to practice western medicine, specially in neurology. 5, It is easy and convenience for patients to find and see Dr Win Huang. Dr Win Huang’s clinic name is Dr Win Clinic, where is in Mt Albert, it is a economic and business center of Auckland, patients can go to see Dr Win Huang by bus and train. 1054 new north road Mt Albert Auckland phone 09-8150518 www.drwin.co.nz

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