While traveling on holiday I experienced the worst pain in my side around my kidney region. It hurt to breathe and could barely stand up, the pain was so unbearable. I went to the hospital and received CT Scans, ultrasound, MRI and lots of drugs, including ones for helping flow to pass possible stones and reducing inflammation for possible stomach ulcers…. nothing helped. After a month of no answers and negative test results I decided to see Dr Win. Everyone had focused on organs, the only possible pathology left was nerves. Within 5 minutes of assessment, Dr Win was able to diagnose significant inflammation from nerve aggravation in the thoracic region. Within 5 treatments he was able to get the on-going pain down to 0. The inflammation is gone! There is still some residual sharp pain when engaging specific side muscles but unfortunately the impingement pathology is beyond needles.
I am extremely grateful to Dr. Win. When experiencing constant ongoing pain with no one able to provide answers, your mind can start going to a very dark place. He single handedly corrected it.

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