“I should have went to Dr Win first when I sprained both my wrist while lifting my new born son. It seems to be a common issues named Mummy wrist.

My wife booked me in because I did not want to go the path of steroid injection, which it will eventually lead to surgery. At least I can still do lite activity while healing, like hugging your baby. It took a few visits over three weeks to help heal my wrists.

Highly recommended if your also seeking other treatment with him. It’s a better natural way of healing your body. I hope this help this review give you some comfort.”

A painful condition affecting the tendons on the thumb side of the wrist.
Repetitive hand or wrist movements can make the condition worse.
The main symptoms are pain and tenderness in the wrist, often below the base of the thumb.
Treatment may include acupuncture, medication, physiotherapy or in rare cases, surgery. Treatment is generally successful when begun early.

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