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She has had an unhealthy body and mind for 25 years, and she is very busy seeing doctors, including both Western and Chinese medicine practitioners. She is a fan of Chinese medicine and takes herbs in Australia, but she still doesn’t feel right in her body. Her friend recommended me to her, so she came to Auckland to see me. She will tell the whole world the truth.

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1, In this case, the effect of acupuncture is too fast and incredible, so people always think it is the placebo effect or psychological effect of acupuncture. In fact, patients do not care what the effect is, they just want to see improvements in their condition.

2,In this case, when we talk, I don’t sense any anxiety or depression, so I don’t believe she has psychological issues like anxiety and severe depression. Perhaps her health condition hasn’t improved over the long term, some doctors mistakenly thought it was a psychological problem.

3, She has tense muscles in her neck and upper back, which restricts the flow of qi and blood to her head and limbs, causing symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, mental fogginess, cold body, and fatigue. In Chinese medicine, this is referred to as ‘stagnation of qi and blood.’ I relaxed the tense muscles using acupuncture and sliding cupping, which improved the flow of qi and blood throughout her body, resulting in her feeling rejuvenated.

4, Treating a disease is like breaking through a window paper or flipping a switch—it can be very simple, but you need to use the correct approach. If the method is not right, it won’t always be effective, just like not always breaking the paper or flipping the switch successfully.

5, In fact, in clinical practice, we always strive to find the key to breaking through the window paper and flipping the switch with each patient we encounter. We hope to find the right key for our patients.

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