ACC email, ask me if I can help the patient

paitent’s email, tell me what she suffering from

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Hi PhD Win,

I have an appointment Sunday for acupuncture. This appointment has been approved by ACC as part of their “sensitive claims” unit.


Post-traumatic stress disorder (from child trauma)


Panic attacks


Psychogenic pain in hips, lower back, neck, sides of back

Muscle tension

Problems sleeping

Menstrual pain

Weight loss/issues emotional eating/obesity

 I have been working with a psychotherapist for 3x years and am currently working on movement as well as repairing my body. I have panic attacks when my heart rate is elevated so I take walks, gentle yoga, meditation, and healthy eating.

 ACC claim number: 10000000000

ACC have approved 6x treatment and will approve more if acupuncture is helpful.

 Let me know if this is ok?


Above is patient email.

Hi PhD Win,

I hope this email finds you well.

I have been advised that my client recently came and saw you for acupuncture treatment.

The client has been suffering from lower back pain which is now affecting her legs and upper back. The client has also experienced somatic tension in her abdomen.

Can you please confirm whether you are able to provide acupuncture treatment for the above?

Kind regards,

Above is ACC email.

I have been seeing PhD Win to have acupuncture for issues I have with psychogenic pain.  PhD Win has always been very professional and empathetic in his approach to my treatment. I highly recommend.

Above is the review in my google map.

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