Omar is a young famious rugby payer in Warrors in Newzealand,He injuryed his low back when he played with rugby legue final.he had phsiotheruapy ,but still feels more pain on low back,so comeing to my acupuncture clinic for his low back pian.
i check his low back,more pressing pain on left low back ,specially in SJ(L)and left leg longer 2cm than right leg(see the photo)

so i think that his low back pain due to the unbalance of spine, regulating the balance of spine is important.after two sessions treatment, he feels much better,and spine balance is good,the two leg is same long(see below photo).

i gave him acupuncture, regulating spine by hand,cupping.

he feels very well after treatments,so he is happy to have a photo with me and my childred.

omar with my two sons.

hope omar keep good body condition in his rugby life.

for more info, please phone 098150518 dr win acupuncture, or visit 1054 new north road mt albert.

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