My family and I have been coming to PhD Win for over 15 years. I come from South Auckland so it’s a bit of a journey but totally worth it. I generally only come when I am in a lot of pain and then leave it to the last minute, but he is always accommodating and it is incredible how fast the recovery process is. I have tried a few acupuncturists over the years but I can honestly say PhD Win is one of the best. I’m not a fan of needles (who is right) but I trust him fully.
I remember once my head ached so much I couldn’t hold my eyes opened due to the light it was agony and it came on so quickly. One trip to PhD Win and it was dramatically better and I felt relief from the pain. Of course I needed more treatment but it’s great to feel a difference on your first trip.
I would definitely recommend PhD Win to anyone without hesitation, he is absolutely amazing.

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