I visited Dr Win back in November 2017 due to severe pain in right leg. I had pain in whole leg (thigh, calf and foot). It was so painful and I couldn’t walk. Despite seeing several d–s, they could not diagnose it correctly. Dr Win was the first to diagnose it correctly as a herniated disc. I was not experiencing any back pain but Dr Win straight away diagnosed the pain as sciatica. I saw him daily for several weeks and he helped reduce my pain. Dr Win advised early on I needed MRI due to it being back problem. Finally I had sciatica probably due to herniated disc. I promptly saw a specialist and had MRI. I had surgery on my back asap and came back to see Dr Win to assist me in recovery. Dr Win was a great assistance in helping me improve in my recovery. I had acupuncture, cupping and herbs over a period of time to help improve general health. I definitely recommend Dr Win if you require a drug free approach/alternative . Dr Win’s acupuncture techniques can be a bit frightening at first but he is very experienced and talented. I 100% would recommend him and both myself and my partner will not hesitate to use his service again in the future. Thanks. Mark H

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