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Magic Guy. i was suffering from Frozen shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis) for 8 months an only option was surgery but i always had belief in resolving my injury non surgical way. Tried 2 acupuncturist in Auckland and one in Singapore but no positive results.and then suddenly find him and though to give another chance. results were magical as i gained 60% movement in 4 treatments and 20% more in next 4 treatments. Remember NO pain no gain, so be ready for some touch challenges but results will come. He know what he is doing. Thanks PhD WIN

有录像?哦!一例肩凝症【Frozen Shoulder】患者给我的评价【Review】。。魔法师【Magic Guy】;不付出,无收获【No pain, No Gain】;没有金刚钻,别揽瓷器活【He knows what he is doing】。以前也有人评价我,他知道他有几把刷子!【He knows his stuff!】,英语的意境也挺高的哦。谢谢朋友的关注➕。

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