for several years I suffered from pain in my lower right abdomen and right inside leg. I spent thousands on main stream practitioners and test (including MRI / CT / Ultrasound scans etc.) with no noticeable improvement or resolution. As every other possibility had been ruled out I searched for a nerve pain specialist and found Dr. Win.
几年来,我感到右下腹和右腿内侧非常疼痛。我找了主流医学的各种专家,做了他们想到的检查(包括MRI / CT /超声波扫描等),花去我数千纽币,也没有明显的改善或找到合适的解决方案。由于其它的致病可能性已被排除,想寻找神经疼痛方面的专家,来帮助我,在网上搜索并找到黄博士中医诊所。

When Dr. Win first assessed my condition he listened to my explanation of the issue then, although the pain was in my leg lower abdomen and inside, after a short examination he pressed a point in my back which has subsequently proven to be the route cause or certainly a significant contributor to it.

Since then I have had several acupuncture and cupping sessions. Although still in progress at the time of posting this review this has all but eliminated the pain in these areas and it feels the best it has for years.

I could have chosen a mainstream nerve pain clinic but decided to try something seen by many as ‘alternative’… I could have continued going around in circles visiting mainstream specialists and doing more tests but in a matter of a couple of weeks this achieved more than all others in the past few years.

I cannot say this approach will work for everyone and every issue but Dr. Win has certainly helped improve my situation so I highly recommend him. I decided on Dr. Win over others as he is ACC registered. That gave me confidence that he has approval for the services offered albeit not mainstream. He knows his stuff!




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