It is a case who I meet in this week, yong lady, 28 years old, European.She has had bladder urgency constantly for nearly a month. Getting worse now – peeing up to 35 times in a 24hr period. Burning while peeing. She  also has intermittent stabbing pain around my urethra. She  can’t sleep properly. She  has bad fear and anxiety that it will not go away. She  had an ultrasound which came back clear, no tests are showing up any infection. She  is  on antibiotics but no change. She  is  also taking homeopathic remedies to try and help and eat carefully.

She feels much better after one session acupuncture, she slept very well, no more pain around her urethra, no burning while peeing. No symptoms after second treatment, only little tension in her lower abdomen. Keeping treatment.

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