The day before yesterday she send a message, she wanted to make an appointment, and told me her problems. She has a stomach problem, who feels uncomfortable in stomach areas for 5 months. Tingling ,tightness, floating and pump gas from stomach to throat, the uncomfortable feeling radiates to the both flanks. She takes the medicine that her doctor give her, but she feels worse and worse after treatment. So her friend recommended acupuncture for her so trying acupuncture.

Her first appointment.

she came to see me in time, and she was crying while talking, so she was too sad duo to her “stomach issues “.
I did acupuncture depending on “the stagnant of liver Qi” in Chinese medicine.
doing bleeding cupping in “liver shu, stomach shu” on back.
she was crying after treatment because of the happiness, who could not feel uncomfortable in stomach area.
That day afternoon she send message to tell me her feelings, and next day she send messages “Dear Dr Wen, this is the first morning in month’s that I’ve felt almost normal!?”

The message from the patient after treatment.

it is her review in our google map.

My opinion. Her uncomfortable feeling in stomach was caused by disorder of stomach function and not the “gastritis “ causing the over acid, so she couldn’t feel better after Taking Omeprazole & the Acidex liquid .

I did acupuncture and explanation, which made her mind and stomach relaxation, made qi circulation of liver and stomach  flowing normal,  then she felt much better.

Simple issues did complicated treatment, which could not help the problem , but made it worse and worse.

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