Why our clinic moved from New Market to Mt Albert
By Dr Win Huang
Dr Win Acupuncture Clinic has stayed Shop5 ,13 Kent St Newmarket for ten years ,We moved to 2054 New North Rd Mt Albert Auckland in 01/12/2012. Many friends asked us why moved the clinic, because everything was fine in Newmarket, so we will tell you the reasons we moved.
First lease contract expired in Newmarket . We opened the Dr Win Acupuncture Clinic in Newmarket for ten years ,we would renew the contract with landlord in October 2012,but we bought the property in Mt Albert, so we want pay the rental to us. This is good chance we can moved our clinic.
Second the shop in Newmarket is smaller space, it has only 40 sqm, our patients will be more and more, some patients need wait to long for the treatment, but the clinic in Mt Albert is biger ,it is about 150 sqm, we have enough book for patients.
Third the environment condition of clinic is too bad in New Market. The shop has not windows ,and has not ventilating system, so the air following is not good in shop. And The shop is iron roof, it is hot in shop in summer and cold in winter. The new clinic in Mt Albert is a big house, we painting the house and polishing the floor, the treatment rooms are clean and fresh air ,patients will feel comfortable in our clinic.
Fourth the car parking for our patients. In Newmarket there were two hours free parking in tournament car parking, but if we would renew the lease contract with landlord ,we would not had free parking in Tournament car parking, so it is difficulty for our patients to look for car parking in New market . in Mt Albert in our new clinic our patients will have enough car parking in yard of clinic and off street parking.
Finally we will do our best our patients in every things, specially there are best Chinese medicine skill doctors, they will fix your problem. Please call 09 8150518, or sending e-mail to hwenchuan@sina.com. New clinic address 1054 New North Rd Mt Albert Auckland

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