I opened the decade of Chinese medicine clinics in Auckland(1)
Dr. Win Huang
Suddenly, I has open Chinese medicine clinics for ten years in Auckland. This decade I became a doctor on the road is important 10 years, but also the golden years of my life on the road. For the Decade for overseas in health care, there should be a record.
I arrive in Auckland in July 2001. in the first half of 2002, I worked in one Chinese medicine clinics in the Southern District. In the second half of 2002, I temporary admissions of patients in EPSOM Rental. In the first half of 2003, in BROADWAY swap shop of friend I treated my patiens temporarly . in October 16, 2003, my wife and me in NEWMARKET opened the clinic officially , was named DR WIN ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC, has been done now.
In Auckland, from the admissions of the first patients in the first two years, I always suspected that my immigration to New Zealand is not correct. Give up the provincial hospital generous platform in China , to a foreign country; abandon the patients population in China, newly created word-of-mouth; abandon Chinese medicine professor and director of the title in china , newly do a junior doctor in New Zealand . Ph.D and professor have to start from scratch, ” my friend Mr. Wang said.”came to New Zealand, open clinics in New Zealand, like the getting food from targer mouth from other clinics.” In the past decade, but also to verify this process. From Scratch, little by little, to accumulate contacts, accumulation of the patient population, more and more busy rely on the technology, services. I do not regret the choice of immigration ten years ago.
In this decade my medicine skill get sublimation. From 1981 I studied medicine, experienced in learning, work, and study again, re-work the process. After 20 years in China, has been studying and working every day, but also to business promotion, examination, assessment of things, especially, for the director of department , but also take into account the department’s administrative work and have no time to think, to digest a large number of clinical problems. But Immigrants to New Zealand, in addition to the family I will spend more time in my patients , I recall, recalling, finishing the front difficult cases encountered in China, thinking the former experienced clinical problems and medical problems. From this decade, I wrote some of the medical science articles, we can see that I wrote some former Clinical difficult cases, can see that I’m thinking of medicine and Chinese medicine comprehend. Especially my understanding of a number of diseases, the sentiment of some treatment, if it is in ten years ago, not ever.
This decade expanded the scope of my clinical medicine skill in New Zealand . We all know that I have worked in Western Medicine Department of Neurology, I got acupuncture Ph.D., before leaving china I worked in acupuncture department . Therefore, in China, I have been engaged in the research and clinical acupuncture treatment of neurological diseases. This is also the division of China’s national conditions and medical decisions. I Came to New Zealand, we have the Chinese medicine clinic, if I simply only do acupuncture treatment of nervous system diseases, and that my clinic would soon close down. I told that in hospital wards in China, there are lots of stroke patients, in my clinics in New Zealand in a few months I can not touch a hemiplegic patients. In ten years, I have treated a large number of patients with skin diseases, severe “acne”, with traditional Chinese medicine to cure; treatment of gynecological patients, such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, menopausal syndrome; orthopedic diseases into clinic therapeutic range, such as the daily treatment of severe cervical disease, low back pain, shoulder pain, joint sprains; Children of indigestion, cough, the enuresis has become a frequent visitor to our clinic. After a decade I become a Chinese medicine doctor of general practice.
Treatment of illness used by the herbs became my primary means .
Clinic to expand operations. Operating the clinic in NEWMARKET for ten years ,clinic space is smaller , parking is not convenient . Order to provide patients with a more comfortable clinic environment in recent years we has been considering relocation clinics, based on the lease contract, we have been no action. Lease contract expires, we also have the ability to have their own clinics, so we do relocation of the clinic . The new clinic is located in the 1054 New North Road Mt Albert Auckland . Large number of new clinic space, the medical environment, convenient transportation, this area is also Chinese familiar with the area, surrounded by many Chinese shops, clinics, hospital and roadside parking. The clinics expand its operations and also the achievements of one of our clinic in New Zealand, but also the beginning of the next ten years,.( please visit our website www.drwin.co.nz tellphone 09 8150518)

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