helping difficult cough with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs

Dr Win Huang

Ms lee,45 years old, getting cough for three months .in beginning, cough is slight, only at night , specially in that time when waking up in the morning. She thought that it will be better after taking some simple herbs, but it became worse. She frequently cough, no phlegm, so she could not go to work, and could not go to sleep normally. She went to see her doctor who suggested her to take antibiotics and medication for stopping cough. The cough became better, but still can not go to work, because her cough affect her colleague’mood, so she stay at home. Sleep is not good, because of bad frequent cough. she feels throat sore and pain on chest, because of long time cough. She feels very sad, so she come my clinic to see me.

Firstly I get more information about her problem, second I do a Chinese diagnoses depending on her tongue and pulse. Finally I make a treatment plan for her.

I do acupuncture for her , choose some points in Lung channel and local points in throat, and doing cupping on Du channel, she feels much better after one session treatment. keeping acupuncture and herbs for one week ,the cough is gone.


I have done acupuncture for 31 yrs, I got doctoral degree in acupuncture in Chinese university in 1995,and I had acupuncture work experience of big hospital in China,and I have the Chinese medicine clinic in Mt Albert Auckland NZ from 2002,so if you would like choose a acupuncturist to fix your problem,please come to my clinic ,you will have a excellent choice.

If you would like to make an appointment please call us on (09) 8150518 or visit us 1054 new north road ,mt albert. if you require more information you may e-mail us at

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