helped swelling and pain on ankle with herbs

By Dr Win Huang

A patient who has pain and swelling on left ankle for two yrs come to see me yesterday. she is 75 yrs old, except swelling and pain on left ankle, she also has insomnia, dry on mouth and throat, distending pain on chest. Examination : swelling , tenderness on left ankle, dark red clour on left ankle and back of foot. Thin pulse, yellow coating, dark and red tougue. So give herbs to look the result. Herbs: chaihu 10g, zhijiao 10g, shengjiang10g, dazao10g, gancao10g, honghua10g, taoren10g, chishao10g, shengdi10g, danggui10g, chuanxionf10g, niuxi10g, jigeng10g, ect.

See the photo taked by me on 07/02,11

big different between left and right ankle, swelling and darkand red clour on left ankle

dark and red clour on inside of left ankle

normal right ankle

dark and red clour and swelling on left back of ankle

i will tell the treatment result after 5 doses herb.

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