ms zhang,right low back and leg pain for 10 yrs,had many way to treat the problem,no good effect.come to see me, i found that there is a big different between both legs.see the photo in 19/05/10

i helped her problem by acupuncture, chinese regulate spine and herbs,she felt very well after 10 session treatment.and no different between both leg.see photo in 01/07/10

mr ma 27 years old,low back pain for 3yrs.see the photos of one session before and after treatment
before treatment

after treatment

then had another 10 session treatment ,he can not feel pain on low back.

case 3
ms ana,50yrs left leg pain and left hip pain for 8 yrs.wosed by long sitting or long standying,can not lift left leg because of pain on knee and hip,did CT and MRI,no problem.tried many way to treat the pain ,no result.i found left leg is shorter than right leg.see photo in 31/05/10 .

after 9 session treatment,no pain on knee and hip,no limited movement of leg. see photo 28/06/10

case 4

mr zhou 30 yrs low back pain one yrs.exam left leg shorter than right leg. see photo in 25/06/10

i do acupuncture and herbs for patient now ,i will put photo when i finish the treatment.

second treatment(28/06/10),i can see that no deffrient between both legs.

case 5
mrs zu 30 yrs low back pain for 7 yrs,wored by heavy lifting or long sitting,relieied by good rest.aggrevated by heavy lifting this week,so come my clinic to have a acupuncture.first time acupuncture in 01/06/10, see photo.

aftre one month acupuncture,no pain on low back and right leg ,and no drffrient between both legs.see photo in 02/07/10.

case 6

mr xie had low back and left leg pain for yrs.see photo 30/06/10 ,big deffrient between both legs

he feels very well,after acupuncture ,no pain and numbness on left leg, only little pain on left low back after lone standing,keeping treatment,see the photo 10/07/10


mr lai 56yrs low back pain(right)for 1 yrs.wosed by heavy lifting.wose for one week.see photo about both feet in first acupuncture,found the big deffrient between two feet in 22/06/10

feeling very well,after 6 session treatment,no pain on low back,and no deffrient between two legs.see the photo about the feet in 01/07/10.

case 7

mrs lin 58 yrs old ,left hip pain for three months,spcially after long sitting and standing.see the photo 06/07/10 before treatment.

feeling very well after one session treatment,see the photo after one session treatment,no deffreient between two feet.06/07/10

case 8

stephen 56 yrs old,right leg and low back pain and numbness for three months,feeling better after phsciotherapy,but still feeling pain on low back and low leg,so trying acupuncture.see the photo 09/07/10

feeling very well,no pain and numbness on right leg,only little pain on right low back after one session acupuncture,and no deffrient between two feet.see photo 12/07/10

keeping treatment to no pain on low back,in final,i will let you know it.
patient no pain on low back and leg,finish treatment in 24/08/10

Case 9

Mr Sela,20yrs international student,studying in Auckland university,left lowback pain for two months,friend recomend me to him.

give him examination of low back,i saw that his two legs is not same long,left leg is shorter than right side.see the photo in 04/08/10

but two legs long is same after one session acupuncture ,see the photo after one session treatment.

no pain on left low back after four session treatments.

Case 10

MR Lee,30yrs old,right low back pain 3 days,can straight the back because of the pain of low back,cime to see me ,want to acupuncture,i give examination,and find his two legs have a big different in long,right one is shorter than left one,see the photo in 13/08/10.

two legs are some in long after two sessions acupuncture,see the photo in 14/08/10.and no pain on low back.

I have done acupuncture for 31 yrs, I got doctoral degree in acupuncture in Chinese university in 1995,and I had acupuncture work experience of big hospital in China,and I have the Chinese medicine clinic in Mt Albert Auckland NZ from 2002,so if you would like choose a acupuncturist to fix your problem,please come to my clinic ,you will have a excellent choice.

If you would like to make an appointment please call us on (09) 8150518 or visit us 1054 new north road ,mt albert. if you require more information you may e-mail us at

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