(Tourette’s Syndrome) Tics are defined as repeated, sudden, rapid, nonrhythmic muscle movements including sounds or vocalizations. Tourette syndrome is diagnosed when people have had both motor and vocal tics for > 1 yr.

this ia message online of www.drwin.co.nz on 26/12/2017.he has tics including sounds in throat about one time one second for two and half years

he sent email in 01/01/2018 after one session acupuncture in 29/12/2017

I do second acupuncture today (03/01/2018),he still feels very well, no tics in throat,feeling very happy for my acupuncture.

below his email on 01/01/2018
Jan 1 (2 days ago)

to me
​Hello, I am much better. As soon as the tics appear, I breathe quietly and the ticks disappear.
Thank you and good day
Edgard TEIVA

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