Began approx.1 year ago(Jan/2009)during hottest part of summertime.I was working hard at the time and under stress,initial symptoms were lack of appetite and not liking food.

Despite finishing that work in Feb,symptoms continued to worsen thoroughout the year 2009.appetite was not good and I started having problems urinating.eapecially inthe wintertime when it was cold,I had sudden desire to go to the toilet –like an emergence.iIf I could not go to the toilet immediately it would hurt very much in my penis.

Other symptoms that have developed over the past year:

* Not liking the tast of most foods(even things I used to love eating)
* Most food feels very “dry” in my mouth and difficult to chew and swallow.
* I can only eat very small meals at one time.
* about five minutes after eating ,I feel sore/sick in stomach.about 20 minutes after eating,Isuddenly feel very”empty”and “hollow”inside my stomach.
* Often Ifeel start to feel dizzy about 5-10 minutes after eating.
* When I feel hungry,it is very painful and sudeen.
* Wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat and have to urinate urgently.
* Feeling tired and low energy.
* Sometimes stools are very loose,sometimes Ok.Because I eat 5–6 small meal every day,I need to go to the toilet up to 5 times a day to pass stools.

Morning times are usually the worst.My appetite tends to improve in the afternoon and evening.

27/01/10 I went to see Dr Win Huang,whom was recommended to me by my chinese colleague,he did acupuncture and herbs. Next day I felt worse ,very unconfortable in all bady,I called Dr Huang to tell him what iI feel,in third day I felt very well,everythiong was fine close to normal.Today(30/01/10)it is my second acupuncture ,but I will boil the herbs at home every day.

I wrote down my condition description and feeling after treatments to Dr Win Huang ,let him knew my problem and my reation of treatment.and let more patients who have some priblem have a treatment of chinese medicine.

Stephen Mcintyre

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