A case of shoulders pain, arms numbness and headache was helped by acupuncture

By Dr Win  Huang

Ms Parker 35 yrs old, she has shoulders pain for several months. The shoulders pain on right side is worse than on left side. she went to see her d—r who suggested her to take anti-inflammation pills, but still pain on shoulder. Gradually she feels numbness on both arms, specially when she wake up  in the morning . she went see specialist who thinks that she suffered from bursitis 滑囊炎,so suggested her to do operation for shoulders pain. She did not want to do operation, so come to see me to try acupuncture. apart from shoulders pain ,she feels throat dry, fatigue, bad sleeping, headache and low energy.

I gave her examination, found that pressing pain and muscle spasm around right shoulder blade and on shoulder blade 肩胛骨, specially the muscle on shoulder blade. So I think that her symptom, such as shoulder pain, arm numbness due to muscle spasm on shoulder blade and throat dry, fatigue, low energy, bad sleeping, headache due to the muscle spasm around shoulder blade. So lose the muscle spasm on up back and shoulder, then the symptom will be gone.

She felt much better after two sessions, sleeping is good, no headache, pain on shoulders relieving lots. She felt very well, after six sessions, no throat dry, no fatigue, more energy , no numbness on both arms, little pain on shoulder, and more pain on shoulder after hard exercise or heavy lifting . she felt very well, after 14 sessions acupuncture, no numbness on arms, no headache, no fatigue, more energy, sleeping very well, only little bite pain on right shoulder after hard exercise.

We can know in the clinic that some patients feel tired, fatigue, low energy, headache, bad sleeping, arm numbness, shoulder pain, the reason is the muscle spasm around shoulder blade and on shoulder blade. It is good effect  to be helped by acupuncture for these patients.

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