it is an Email which be sent to me by the patient who finished her treatment.

Case 1, lady, 40 years old, has left feet pain for 4 months. She got feet pain while did garden, severe pain while walking, specially can not standing while getting up in the morning. Went to see doctor who gave her painkillers and did X ray, no problem were found, her friend introduced her to see me.

I checked her body, more pressing pain on foot back, sensetive on lateral calf, more pressing pain on left lower back. So I think feet pain is caused by sciatica.

I choosed HUANTIAO point on left hip and inserted needle to deep, then patient felt needle feeling in all left leg, keeping the needle for 30 minutes and manipulating needle in 5 minutes. Patient got up, then walk around room, she could not feel pain on left feet. Patient was satisfied with my treatment.

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