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By Dr Win Acupuncture Clinic

I received one call from a lady, who asked me if I could treat her strange disease,got the positive answer that could be tried, made an appointment and come to see me.

Patient,European,35 years old,suffering from paroxysmal dizziness,nausea for 26 years. She got dizziness unreasonably from 9 years old, with nausea,sometimes with vomiting. the things which she saw was shaking,walking instability, nausea, vomiting when it was severe,then lying down to rest, sleeping for one to two hours, except tired after waking up, she could not feel another uncomfortable symptoms. She got the attack almost once a month for many years, almost same symptoms. She went to see doctors in ENT, Neurology, ophthalmology,etc., did examinations what she needed, such as ear balance check,MRI for brain, could not find abnormality. Had been suspected anxiety, took anti -anxiety pills, no got the improvement. in recently years, her seizure had became more and more frequent to once a week, and even to once a day at moment.

Patient is of medium body, and has been pregnant for 30 weeks, with good mental state and good conversation. Red tongue, white greasy coating, deep and thin pulses

I think that it is belong to the phlegm of traditional Chinese medicine,so treated by acupuncture, choose the Baihui, Shenting, Benshen, Neiguan, Fenglong points, with the emotional area and the balance area of the head acupuncture, keeping treatment and observation.

My Thinking of the case’s diagnosis of western medicine. I consider that her strange problem may be epilepsy according of her symptoms and seizure state. The onset of epilepsy is regular and repetitive, her attack is almost once a month regularly, the symptoms and attack time of the case is similar every time. There are five common types of epilepsy,they are big seizure of epilepsy, small seizure of epilepsy, partial seizure, psychomotor seizure, autonomic seizure. In Autonomic attack, the main symptoms are abdominal pain, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting. So I think that the case is like the autonomic seizure.

As a Chinese medicine practitioner, it is very important to make a clear correct diagnosis of western medicine for the treatment plan of traditional Chinese medicine, the evaluation of clinical efficacy, and combined treatment of western medicine with Chinese medicine.

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