From the introduction letter of her family doctor, we can know that she is a sprained right ankle joint after running for half year. She has been going to physical therapy, went to see orthopedics and sports experts, and also did X-ray examination. The joints and the inside of the calf are sore, and the pain during running is unbearable and has to stop. In the past six months, she stopped playing netball and running. She wants to try acupuncture and the family doctor recommended me to her.

know more about the patient’s medical history and treatment process. There is no swelling at the right ankle joint, no tenderness, no pain in the active ankle joint, and no pain in the ankle joint when standing with the toes and heels. However, when I press the right side of the hip, that is, one third of the anterior superior iliac spine and the greater trochanter of the femoral head. The pain in the right side of the patient’s lower leg is the same as the pain in her running, so I diagnosed the femoral nerve compression syndrome. The pain in the right ankle joint of the patient was not related to the ankle sprained six months ago.

The treatment is based on acupuncture and is combined with the orthopedic technique. choose the point of WAI HUANTIAO (the name of the point I started), use the mini needle knife to perform the acupuncture method of NEIJING. After a treatment, walking is no longer sore. After five treatments, there was no pain inside the calf when running and playing NETBALL. (taking the patient’s message OVER as evidence)

Below the inguinal ligament, the iliopsoas fascia thickens to form a fibrous arch that forms a dense sheath. If any cause causes laceration of the iliopsoas muscle, causing edema and hemorrhage in the fascia sheath, resulting in increased fascial tension of the iliopsoas, which can compress the femoral nerve and lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, resulting in nerve compression Sign. Common factors are the muscle of hip injury caused by hip overextension, and the iliopsoas muscle is strongly contracted and injured.

The incidence of femoral nerve compression syndrome is not high, generally caused by lesions in the groin and lesions in the lumbosacral muscle. pain and weakness  are mainly on the anterior side of the thigh, the pain and numbness is extending to the inside of the calf, and quadriceps atrophy.

In this case, the pain only inside the calf , it is painless when it is quiet, sore while walking, painful while running, no pain while stopping running .

Thanks to the examination and treatment of the former doctors. Some examinations of the former doctors helped me to rule out some diseases. The treatment of the former doctors was invalid. I thought about the problems from many aspects. It was no longer limited to ankle sprains. The misdiagnosis of the former doctors let me show the mystery of my treatment. Without their misdiagnosis, there was no my chance of  treatments. our diagnosis and treatment are based on the work of the former doctors. Everyone is serving the patients. The purpose is one, let the patients recover!

Before writing this case, I reviewed a number of medical knowledge such as anatomy of the iliopsoas, femoral neuralgia, and femoral nerve compression. There is no end to learning, and the high quality in medical area is from diligence! Thank you for reading!

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