She sent a message to me on our website, please see the Screenshot.


She suffers from recurrent urinary tract infections and chronic bladder pain. She has awful burning sensations or urethral pain. It is particularly worse after any intimacy. SHE HAS  had several investigations, seen different specialists, and taken different medications.


She wants to try acupuncture and made an appointment on 22/03/2021. please see the screenshot.


I checked her lower back and legs, found her long-short legs, the right leg is shorter than the left leg, please the photo

I thought that her bladder and urinary tract pain is due to the unbalance of the pelvis which makes muscle tight around the pelvis, and stimulation to the nerve which manages the bladder and urinary tract.

I did acupuncture and manipulation of Chinese medicine, then I can not see the difference between both legs, please see the photo after treatment.

She comes to see me today for her second treatment, she tells me she has a big improvement after the first treatment, still has some urinary tract pain in the morning for the first thing, no more bladder pain, and still feels tension on the lower abdomen. please see the screenshot.

and I check her both legs, can not find the long-short legs. please see the photo.

She makes an appointment FOR A THIRD TREATMENT next week, I will tell you what she feels.

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She must canceled her third appointment, because she had to go to work , but she tell me her problems get better differently. See the screenshot.


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