Little weakly – fatigue – tiredness – dry eyes – headache and dizziness – lightheadedness

Dr. Huang Wenchuan

Today admissions of a Korean-American women, aged 32, she was born in the United States has not said a Korean. Her two weeks ago from Hawaii to Oakland to settle. Patients have been sick more than a decade, his eyes dry, depending on the material a bit vague, general weakness, fatigue. With the West’s words, is LOW ENERGY, literal translation is low energy, less air is able to paraphrase. Today, do not say what disease she had was a single from her doctor about the course I thought.

Ten years, she sought medical treatment numerous Western medicine, Chinese medicine, physical therapy, spine division, why did not help her illness, I think a main reason she did not find a good doctor about her illness. What disease she is suffering from it in the end, according to my diagnosis, I think she is shoulder fasciitis, which is a disease can be helped, after a period of treatment, I will tell you that treatment outcomes. D believe she is fatigue syndrome, depression, to give western medicine did not improve;  spine division that she is unbalanced, the spinal adjustment, the temporarily improved; Chinese medicine, did not get satisfactory results; after rehabilitation therapy, is effective short-term, patients have lost confidence in medicine. I’ve talked a lot about the shoulder fascists this disease, the best treatment is medicine. Is diagnosed correctly, the disease, the medicine is really no use, though a aseptic inflammation, anti-inflammatory analgesics should be useful, but it is chronic inflammation, severe muscle fibrosis, these drugs may temporarily relieve pain basically no effect; spine treatment division, but if you work on spinal adjustments, certainly no long-term effects of this disease, there must be an imbalance of the spine, muscle inflammation, but it is muscle tension, and stretch the spine, spinal muscular adjustment would not solve the The fascists; physical therapy can relieve muscle tension, inflammation is less satisfactory; if Chinese medicine in Chinese medicine, acupuncture, orthopedic massage treatment on both the right, the effect is self-healing, I have testified numerous successful cases.

Her last Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine clinics in Hawaii, a doctor from mainland China, adhere to four months before and after the day a pair of traditional Chinese medicine, one week secondary acupuncture. Why is this medicine doctors did not treat her illness is good, brought from her illness, treatment of letter of recommendation I can see that this is a traditional Chinese medicine doctors trained and experienced in Chinese medicine. Prescription medicine is the right path and dialectical in place, reasonable prescription, but the doctor’s prescription I would not be as acupuncture, acupuncture point and a half sheet of paper, to see that the doctors do not understand Chinese acupuncture. Patient said, rolling from head to toe every time you want more than a hundred needles, acupuncture this is it? Is not acupuncture, acupuncture simply see a little book, that does not mean that acupuncture ah! This flicker of patients, the last flicker of their own, four patients did not cure the disease, but lost the confidence of patients treated, four months to get the economic benefits are only temporary, and lost the trust of the patient’s long-term, patient Chinese medicine treatment, I do not find him, but around her friends and know people will find his treatment of a doctor. So the doctor is only a pulse of the medical prescriptions, rather than with acupuncture and orthopedic massage techniques, but do not have the Western diagnostic techniques, so that medical treatment is not good in this disease.

The patients less anemic, according to TCM is that Qi. Patients speak whisper, check the patient looking minimalist, pale tongue, thready pulse, also verified in patients with deficiency. Generally speaking, qi is the gas shortage, the body of the gas is not sufficient, need to qi, qi is necessary to use traditional Chinese medicine Astragalus, Codonopsis, angelica, etc., necessary to use reinforcing method of acupuncture, supposedly so that after treatment the patient will feel full strength, Why not treat these patients with shoulder fascists effect? Because the patient’s body is no shortage of gas, not lack of energy, but the qi, meridians are not painful, essence does not flow in the body, so for these patients, instead of traditional Chinese medicine is to ease up. For the acupuncture treatment, depression is the evidence, to use the reducing method. I usually take the first Tianzhu points, so the waist and lower extremities in patients with active, then acupuncture yang chi point, the patient arm and upper body activity, the last patient lying belly, take back acupoints, such as heart Shu, Shu liver, spleen Shu and so on. These patients, I also take the tank bladder full sun treatment for the purpose of play to clear the meridian. Sometimes the acupuncture points on the back, Bloodletting and cupping.

For traditional Chinese medicine, the liver qi is necessary, blood circulation network. I tend to Tonga with the Bupleurum keel oyster blood agent, Chinese medicine has Bupleurum, Scutellaria, Pinellia, Poria, Radix Codonopsis, Gui, rhubarb, licorice, keel, oysters, peach, Salvia, etc.

Generally believed that the effect of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of disease is slow, but I do not think so. Three pay down of traditional Chinese medicine, should be effective, a week off, should be significantly effective, the treatment two weeks if still no results, you should think of the treatment is symptomatic, it is necessary to change the treatment for patients, two weeks still no effect , it is necessary for a doctor, how the doctors here are still four months of treatment does. I admire the doctors, he was the method used to treat four patients a day, drink a pair of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture twice a week, since there is no treatment, the doctor works and what methods were explained ah. Chinese medical treatment for those patients who are helpless, free of Western medicine can not solve their pain, they are full of Chinese goodwill and trust of his own pocket, hoping medicine can treat their patients heal. As a Chinese doctor in more than grateful to them, patients should give us the opportunity to cherish.

(09/12/10) After my treatment, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, cupping, patients feel significant improvement in dry eye was significantly reduced, many times a day before the eye, and now also three times, improved energy, sleep, diet also significantly improved , urinate less often, go to the toilet several times a day, now normal. That is two weeks of treatment has paid off, patients are very satisfied! Continue treatment two weeks, treatment should be ended, to enable patients to exercise their own and adjust.

I have done acupuncture for 31 yrs, I got doctoral degree in acupuncture in Chinese university in 1995,and I had acupuncture work experience of big hospital in China,and I have the Chinese medicine clinic in Mt Albert Auckland NZ from 2002,so if you would like choose a acupuncturist to fix your problem,please come to my clinic ,you will have a excellent choice.


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