Hello PhD Win,

I have just spoken with you. As explained, my doctor believes that I have ‘IC’ otherwise known as ‘painful bladder syndrome’.

I have frequent urination (I cannot sleep for longer than 4 hours a night now it has gotten so bad), every half an hour I need to feel like I need to urinate. My bladder has a burning sensation frequently.

I am on a good diet and on medication but that no longer helps.

I had a issue with my coccyx a while ago which went away but has started to become sore again when the above symptoms flare. There maybe some relation there.

I will see you Tuesday next week at 1 pm for the acupuncture.

Thank you,


Hi PhD Win,

Thank you very much for the treatment today. I noticed no pain or urgency to go to the toilet for two hours after the session.

The symptoms came back (but not very bad) only after I strained going to the toilet (passing a bowel movement). The doctor said I may have irritable bowel syndrome which obviously puts pressure and strain on the bladder and is apparently common in patients with ‘IC’.
I notice that it is usually after a bowel movement that the symptoms flare very badly.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this positive update with you. I was so happy to have two hours back of normality. I forgot what that felt like so thank you kindly.

See you next week,

Kind regards,

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