What is conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis is an eye disorder also known as “pinkeye”. It is an highly contagious inflammation of the conjunctiva.

What is the symptom of this eye disorder?

Most common symptoms are itchy eyes with secretions and the white part of the eyeball becomes pinkish or slightly red.

What is the cause of acute conjunctivitis?

It is caused by bacteria (haemophilus aegypticus) or virus, or by allergic, chemical or physical factors, such as rubbing eyes with unsanitary hands.

What is the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s perspective on this eye disorder?

TCM attributes acute conjunctivitis to pathogenic factors Wind and Heat, which are the basic factors to cause inflammation. If these pathogenic factors are not cleansed from the body and become excessive, an acute condition will become chronic conjunctivitis. Common causations include overindulgence in alcoholic beverage, deep-fried, or spicy food, overuse of the eyes, exposure to wind, poor lighting, inadequate sleep, and poor sanitation.

How can acupuncture treat acute conjunctivitis?

TCM treatment is directed toward dispersing and draining the Wind and Heat pathogenic factors from the body to reduce inflammation and stop itching. Circulation within the meridians traveling to the affected areas must be soothed to promote healing. It is advised to maintain clean hands by washing with warm water and soap. Depending on the condition and under medical supervision, optical saline solution might temporarily ease the itching and discomfort caused by acute conjunctivitis.
I had acupuncture for conjunctivitis patient who had this problem for one week,itching and red eye ball,had eye drops and medicine,below it is a picture before acupuncture and after first acupuncture.it is big differient between before and after acupuncture.

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