Difficult case of frequent urination presentation

By Dr Win Huang

Ms Xin, 40 years old, Urinary frequency and urgency for 6 months. half years ago patient frequently going to toilet for urinating, about once each half hour, and going to toilet immediately, she did not want to go to shopping, always stay at home, then would wet her cloth. She could not feels pain in urinary tract, during urinating. She woke up about 5-6 times at night, because of the problem. She went to her doctor, and had a urine test for urinalysis, could not find anything. her doctor introduced her to urologist, who given several special examination, such as ultrasonic. Still can not get the problem’s underlying reason, so specialist suggested her to take antibiotic and more water. After western medicine treatments, could not get big effect. So she went to see Chinese medicine doctor to try different way. After acupuncture and herbal medicine in Chinese medicine clinic, also could not feels the big effect of treatments. Patient is very sad, and have a bad sleeping, so her friend recommend her to see me.

She saw me in my clinic in 20/08/2009, I got more information about her problem. firstly, I knew that she had not pain in urinary tract during urinating. Second could not find anything in urine test and special examination. thirdly could not get little affect from antibiotic. Final, she had a bad huge mind factor half years ago. so I think that the problem she suffer is not in local urological system ,but in high nerve center.

The Chinese medicine opinion is that kidney predominate panic, lung predominate sadness, spleen predominate missing, heart predominate happyness, liver predominate bile. So over panic could harm the function of kidney, patient could have the frequent urination . We always have the experience in which we have to go to toilet many times before the final examination in school.

In western medicine theory we have a centre of the urological system in brain which manage the urination, when urine is full in bladder, the urine stimulate the wall of bladder, The centre of urological system will get the message from bladder, if the environment we stay is permission, we can do urination, if no permission, we can control the urine to keep in the bladder for a short of time. So when the function of the centre of the urological system is weakness or is injury, we could have frequent urination. Clinically, the patient who suffer from stroke also have the symptom of frequent urination, and get the good effect of lessen the time of urinating after acupuncture treatment in scalp acupuncture.

I had a herbal prescription for her, formula is An Shen Ting Zhi Wan, including Fuling Renshen Changpu Yuanzhi Longchi etc. the principle is reinforce Qi and calm mind. Acupuncture in scalp acupuncture in bilateral sensorimotor area of the foot . Apply filiform 40cm needle with continous rotating for three to five minutes fast out of every ten minutes and retain the needles for 30—40 minutes. Second day patient can feel the good effect of treatments, she only urinate two times at night, it is so amazing, keeping acupuncture for three days and another 5 dose herbal medicine, patient had a normal urination.


I have done acupuncture for 31 yrs, I got doctoral degree in acupuncture in Chinese university in 1995,and I had acupuncture work experience of big hospital in China,and I have the Chinese medicine clinic in Mt Albert Auckland NZ from 2002,so if you would like choose a acupuncturist to fix your problem,please come to my clinic ,you will have a excellent choice.

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