Inna, 37 years old, suffering from pain and weakness of left shoulder for one week, she cannot lift left arm, but she can move his hand normally. I did an examination and did acupuncture. I think that she suffers from the brachial neuritis. feeling much better, after one session acupuncture, and she can lift her arm after the second session acupuncture. keeping the treatment.

What are the symptoms of brachial neuritis?
Symptoms of brachial neuritis include:
Severe pain in the upper arm or shoulder
Pain usually affecting just one side of the body
After a few hours or days, the pain transitions to weakness, limpness, or paralysis in the muscles of the affected arm or shoulder
Lack of muscle control in the shoulder or arm
Lack of sensation or feeling in the shoulder or arm
Symptoms typically resolve slowly over the course of a few months or a few years

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