an extraordinary case
by dr chen

Last week,a very frustrated guy who is in his 50’s walked into dr. win clinic complainted of his problems that tortured him in the last one year. Undoubtly,he already did all the tests that could possibly check it out in western medicine,the sad thing is that they could not find a good way to relieve his suffer effectively. He is disappointed and depressed with the disease going worse and he could not do anything about it.

His friend,who knew dr. win clinic before,introduced him of dr. win Huang, who is a neurologist as well as an acupuncturist once he was in Hospital of Shandong Province which was the lagrest and the most advanced one in his province. After practicing for nearly twenty year’s in acupuncture,he moved here and had his clinic in New Market 10 year ago.

This patient shared his experience with dr. win, he felt light-headed, vertigo a year ago,at the same time,he could not eat well since his stomach area was a little distended and discomfortable,he felt mild bitter taste in the mouth and dry throat. After several hours’ working,he always got numbness feeling in his hands, he was so worried about his health that he could not work well and concerned himself with things going wrong of his brain and heart.this stressful mood dragged him into a worse codition.

Finishing the consultation, dr. win explaint the possible problem he might get basing on his knowledge and experience,besides,he removed the confusions that bothered him so long. furthermore, he began to use acupuncture to cure this patient after making clear how this treatment can do for him. They booked again directly as the patient felt something good happening in his body. Before the second treatment section, patient went into clinic with smile in his face,he can completely feel the difference acupuncture brought to him and agreed to continue treatment. and he accepted the herb treatment to improve his body constitution.

Two week passed,the main problems he got almost went away and he was so excited that he told me of it is worth trying something new and special all the time. visit us on 1054 new north road mt albert auckland or phone09-8150518

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