Ms,Katrin,european,40 years old,suffering from face skin problem for 20 years.there are more papules on her face,red colour,burning,hurt,tension,and itching,so she has used many ways to want to fix it,but no effective,even if she went to see skin specialist,could not get big improvement.she is a teacher,she does not dare face her students with plain,she must heavy make she want to try anything,if it can fix her papules. she found me form internet,so she want to try chinese medicine.

Before acupuncture(07/10/2017)

She could not feel burning,tension and hurt on face after one session acupuncture.

After two sessions acupuncture(12/10/2017)

After 6 sessions acupuncture and 10 days herbs(03/11/2017)

(acupuncture and herbs for one month and twenty by patient in 17/11/2017)

She can not feel uncomfortable feeling, the papules get differently improvement after about one month acupuncture(6 sessions acupuncture and 10 days herbs), she is very happy.

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