23-12-2020 MRI

Mr. Yu is Chinese , 66 years old. Lower back and leg pain for four months. Four months ago, the patient sprained his waist while doing Tai Chi. At that time, he could not straighten his waist. The pain spread from the left waist to the thigh, and then to the big toe. Then he went to do physical therapy and acupuncture. After the treatment, there was no improvement, but became worse and worse. it was very difficult for patients to get up and walk . he walked slowly with double crutches . Relieving lower back and leg pain by taking painkillers, but wake up several times a night duo to the pain.   a lumbar MRI was performed  on 23/12/2019, and it was reported that the L4L5 intervertebral disc protruded and compressed the nerve. The doctor suggested surgery, he did not want to do it, so he came to see  me to do acupuncture treatment.

on 20/02/2020 The patient entered the consultation room slowly with crutches, and went to bed slowly. He couldn’t lie on his back or lie prone, and could only lie on his right side.

An examination. The test for raising the left straight leg was positive, and the left lateral leg felt dull, and there was no difference in tendon reflex. The muscles in the lower back are stiff, and the left waist is tender. MRI reports that the lumbar L4L5 intervertebral disc herniated and compressed the nerve root.

Diagnosis, Western medicine: Lumbar disc herniation; Chinese medicine: Bi syndrome (qi and blood stagnation)

Treatment principle: removed Qi and blood stagantion.

Treatment’ method. on the point 4 inches beside L4L5, using a 75cm mini knife needle, going  straight to the deep, and then doing the LING GUI BA FA. No needle is left. Then make a sliding CUPPING on the WHOLE back. And LET patients to do EXECISE at home. Doing acupuncture for 12 sessions , three times a week.

Result. After three times, the pain was alleviated. Without painkillers at night, he could walk around the room slowly without  crutches. After six times, he drove to the clinic for treatment, getting off the car smoothly, and went to bed fast. After 9 times, there was no painkillers at all. It was easy to turn over in bed, can walk with a short distance, and straighten the waist. After 12 times, it is convenient to go up and down the stairs. Walking for long distances, but still tight and less pain on left  buttock.

Thank you message from patient Yu.

Video before and after treatment.

Experience. Chronic lumbar disc herniation, due to long-term pain, causes muscle tension in the lower back and even the whole body, resulting in obstruction of qi and blood circulation throughout the body, and local qi and blood circulation is severely insufficient, so edema and inflammation caused by disc herniation slowly recover and form chronic inflammation . The treatment should take the whole body treatment as the theme and the principle of qi and blood circulation.

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