Why I will recommend “Dr Win Huang”to you?

Yang Chen

In New Zealand there are thousand of Chinese medicine doctors, some of them are good and professional Chinese medicine doctors, but some of them are no good and unprofessional. It is difficult to patient to look for or choose a good and professional Chinese medicine doctor, because they do not know and understand the Chinese medicine’ system of education and practice in china \ new Zealand and in the world. I know that in china a good name Chinese medicine doctor must studied in Chinese medicine university for 5 years, and practiced in Chinese medicine hospital or in Chinese medicine department of western medicine hospital for several years. It is a fact to there is a Chinese medicine university and Chinese medicine hospital in every province of china, so a Chinese medicine doctor who come from china need get a certificate of Chinese medicine university and a certification of Chinese hospital, then the Chinese medicine doctor can practice in New Zealand in Chinese medicine clinic very well. It is a fact too to there are different departments of Chinese medicine university and of Chinese medicine hospital, so Chinese medicine students will mainly study different subjects and Chinese medicine doctors will practice in different Chinese medicine departments, it is that some of them mainly practice acupuncture, some of them mainly do Chinese medicine massage, some of them mainly take herbs medicine. If you would like look for acupuncturists to help you, you have choosed the acupuncturists who studied acupuncture in Chinese medicine university and practiced acupuncture in hospital. Why I will recommend “Dr Win Huang” to you , these reasons below are important.

1, Dr Win Huang got the doctoral degree in acupuncture in china. He had studied west medicine in HeZe west medicine college for three years from 1981 to 1984, then he had practiced neurology for five years in Zaozhuang hospital from 1984 to 1989. because he is interested in acupuncture, He went to Heilongjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine University to study acupuncture in 1989, he spend for six years studying, he got his Master degree and doctoral degree in acupuncture in 1992 and 1995.at present he is one of the highest degree in acupuncture area in New Zealand.

2, Dr Win Huang learned from famous acupuncture expert and professor. Dr Shen Tian Sun is a full professor and expert in acupuncture, he is a good name and famous doctor in the world, he still is working in hospital in china. Dr Win Huang had been learning from Dr Sun for six years from 1989 to 1995, Dr Win Huang learn about more acupuncture clinical experience from Dr Sun, which is important to Dr Win Huang’ clinical practice in hospital,.the six years’ studying from Dr Sun is a important factor, Dr Win Huang was a good name and famous Chinese medicine doctor in Shandong province hospital in china, when Dr Win Huang was very young about 37 years old, and was a professor in Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine University and Shandong Medical University.

3, Dr Win Huang has abundant acupuncture clinical experience. Firstly Dr Win Huang had learned from Dr Sun for six years, it is important six years for enriching his clinical experience. Secondly Dr Win Huang has been practicing acupuncture for twenty two years from 1989, and worked in the Acupuncture Department of Shandong Province Hospital as a expert and professor, and he has a professional acupuncture clinic in New Market Auckland New Zealand from 2002. in this twenty two years he has been helping lots of common and special problem with acupuncture, such as headache, dizziness( vertigo), stroke, occipital neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, dry eye, dry throat, facial palsy, noise in ear, lower jaw joint disorder, myasthenia gravis, swallowing problem, stiff neck, pain on neck, cervical spondylosis, back pain, fascilis, shoulder pain, bursitis, periarthritis of shoulder, pain on elbow,  carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness on hands, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) , pain on chest, intercostals neuralgia, sense of suppression in the chest, palpitation, nausea vomiting, stomachache, hiccup, abdominal distension, lower abdominal pain, painful menstruation, menopause, abnormal menstruation, impotence, premature ejaculation, strain low back, sprain sacroiliac joint, arthritis of sacroiliac joint, pain on hips, arthritis of hips, sacroiliac joint inflammation, sciatica, protrusion of the intervertebral disc, muscle strain, arthritis of knee joint, pain on knee, tendonitis of quadriceps, achilles tendonitis, pain on calcaneus, pain on ankle, sprain ankle, ligament sprain, sacroiliac sprain, diarrhoea, constipation, frequently pass water pee, urinate frequently, myophagism, paralysis, cerebral paralysis, paraplegia, facial muscle spasm, sinusitis, cough, asthma,, whelk, acne, chronic fatigue, low energy, depression, insomnia, low immunity, anxiety, loss weight, gout, morning sick, beautify, stress, high blood pressure, make good health, regulate body good condition etc. I am learning from him, I can feel his enrich clinical experience in treating above problem. I think that an acupuncturist who had studied in Chinese medicine uni for 6 yrs  and has been practicing in acupuncture for 22yrs have to be a acupuncture clinical abundant experience Chinese medicine doctor.

4, Dr Win Huang has both the knowledge of Chinese medicine and western medicine. He went to HeZE Medical College in 1981, then he had studied western medicine for three years, then he had worked in neurological department in ZaoZhuang hospital for 5 years. So he had spent his 9 years to practice western medicine, specially in neurology. He possess of the basical theory and clinical experience of western medicine, he also take full advantage of his western medicine knowledge to diagnose and treat his patients during acupuncture clinical practice. So he can know the result of acupuncture depending on the western medicine diagnosis, and he also suggests his patients to see western medical doctor, if the patient’s problem is treated by western medicine better than by acupuncture.

5, It is easy and convenience for patients to find and see Dr Win Huang. Dr Win Huang’s clinic name is Dr Win Clinic, where is in Mt Albert, it is a economic and business centre of Auckland, patients can go to see Dr Win Huang by bus and train. The patients who live in southern Auckland, such as Papakura, Papatoetoe, Takanini, Otahuhu, can come to see Dr Win Huang by train from Papakura to Mt Albert or by car from No1 highway, the patients who live in western Auckland—Waitakere, such as Glen Eden, Henderson, Massey, New Lynn, can come to see Dr Win Huang by train from Henderson to Mt Albert or by car from No16 highway, the patients who live in Northern Shore of Auckland, such as Albany, Birkenhead, Brown Bay, Devonport, Glenfield, Northcote, Sunnynoook, Takapuna, can come to see Dr Win Huang by car from No1 highway, the patients live in eastern Auckland, such as Botany Downs, East Tamaki, Dannemora, Flat Bush, Manukau, Highland Park, Howick, Pakuranga, Mangere, can come to see Dr Win Huang by car from eastern highway, the patients live in Newmarket, Epsom, Mt Eden, Grafton, Parnell, Remuera, Greenlane, can come to see Dr Win Huang by cars, the patients live in Three Kings, Hillsborough, Mt Roskill, Mt Albert, Lynfield, Grey Lynn, Kingsland, Mission Bay, Meadonbank, Avondale, Balmoral, City Centre of Auckland, Blockhouse Bay, Ellerslie, One Tree Hill, Onehunga, New Windsor, Waterview, Pt Chevallier, Mt Wellington, Penrose, Royal Oak, Ponsonby, St Johns, St Heliers, St Lukes, Newton,etc can come to see Dr Win Huang by car for just 5—10 minutes driving. See the Map about Auckland in www.drwin.co.nz to find the 1054 new north rd mt albert Auckland.

If you are looking for an acupuncturist to help your problem, please choose Dr Win Huang who got a doctoral degree in acupuncture and 22 years acupuncture clinical experience, he should give a good result.

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