Headaches and whiplash
By Michael

Since May 2008 I have suffered from headaches and whiplash for my neck.

I spent a few weeks in hospital and then a month in a live-in brain injury clinic to relearn how to walk and get me back on track.
The headaches have been the longest lasting effect of the injury, as I still suffer from them now, although the pain is not as severe.
I suffered a traumatic brain injury from a blow to the head during a rugby game in May 2008. As a result I spent time in both hospital and a brain injury rehab called Cavits (ABI Rehabilitation) where, amongst many other things, I had to re-learn how to balance, walk and focus my eyes. Since the injury I have been suffering from headaches, fatigue, dizziness and concentration problems. I started seeing Dr Win at the beginning of this year and he has been using a combination of acupuncture, cupping and herbal drinks. The results have been substantial. I have been able to study for much longer periods of time, my head feels a lot clearer, and my headaches have reduced significantly. He has also got me off all medication for my headaches, which I had been taking ever since May 2008. This has allowed me to get involved with more sporting, social and academic activities, as I am much less restricted by my previous debilitating headaches and have more energy and life within myself to drive me to participate.
Since I have been seeing Dr win Huang, and helped by acupuncture, cupping and herbs medicine,the headache pain behind my eye has reduced in frequency and my neck is feeling much less strained and painful.

So I recommend you to see Dr win Huang to help your problem,who a professional Chinese medicine doctor ,practiced in big hospital in China, and got doctoral degree in acupuncture.