My back, neck, upper limbs and lower limbs have been in pain (aching) for a very long time. My background is nursing and business. Much of my nursing life required me to do heavy lifting which resulted in back, neck and shoulder pain. I have spent a fortune on massage, chiropractic care and pain relief all of which has helped. Fourteen months ago I suffered from a major stress episode when my partner went missing at sea. He did come home thank goodness after being shipwrecked. The week after my partner came home my neck stiffened and I could not turn it very far left or right and my back tension was very strong and I have had very little relief. Funny how the stress comes out after the event. I went to see Dr Win Huang at the end of January 2010 in the hope he could help me. I have had between 2 and 3 treatments a week and the muscles in my back are now relaxed. I am able to turn my head with increased range. The pain radiating down both my arms and wrists is much reduced. My partner tells me I stand straighter. I am aware I need a few more acupuncture sessions and that acupuncture is not an ongoing forever requirement. The immense reduction in pain and improvement in flexibility already gained has me want to share the care Dr Win Huang can provide. I am so privileged and grateful that I have met Dr Win Huang.
Janet Dougherty(Auckland)