About this article,i am going to share my a few thoughts of Dr win’s a couple of medical essays. On his personal website,i found profuse amount of essays about western and Chinese medicine. It is not weird because he had been studying neurology for more than 10 years,not to mention his Chinese medicine doctor,with his professional western medicine knowledge, he can combine both together to provide better services.

The most impressive thing his essays give me is his willing of popularizing Chinese medicine. As a Chinese,especially a Chinese medical doctor,he has a strong feeling of taking it as a responsibility,which i think it is a noble notion.and always prepare to help patient. Some of you may know and see a social charity activity called “Chinese doctor in overseas”. It is a group of four Chinese doctors,contributing their part-time to communities. It is completely free during the activity and it is truly helpful for vulnerable group who do not have money or receive proper treatment from western medicine doctors.i realized that many kiwi patients encountered a very embarrassing situation,which the western medicine can not help,nor did some of Chinese ones. Because patients always give up on their way to cure disease especially when they visited the wrong doctors over and over. He is the one that is worth seeing.

He always has his own opinion. Of course it is based on his experiences and solid medical elementary knowledge. The result turns out to prove he is right nine times out of ten. It is a common phenomenon that doctor follows the previous doctor diagnosis to continue treatment. The truth is they are not confident,they even doubt themselves of the disease which patient already got,they do not want to take the risk of overthrowing the former diagnosis and making themselves as a peculiarity.

His case analysis really impresses me a lot, it is well accepted that evidence plays a significant role of reality. Every time he makes diagnosis,he always enumerates more than 2 reasons or medical facts to proof his final diagnosis,which make it enough persuasive.because it is important for a doctor to think more than one way,particularly for similar symptoms.

I don not think language will be a problem between you and him during your consulting or healthy-care visit. I sincerely recommend you give it a shot and get a good result that you want.