A case of stomachache was treated by acupuncture

By Dr win Huang

Ms Tara, 21 yrs old, student. stomachache for 5 yrs. She has stomachache and she does not the reason due to the problem, the stomachache is paroxysmal, sometime no pain on stomach, but the stomachache will happen everyday. Aggravated by cold and hungry , relieved by eating some food or warm. She can not do something, if the stomachache become worse. She went to do examination in stomach, found that there is a ulcer in stomach, doctor suggested her to take stomach pill, but the stomachache still often attack, so her father suggest her to try Chinese acupuncture.

I give her acupuncture twice a week, she has had been treated by acupuncture for 4 weeks, she does not feel pain on stomach, and no bloat in stomach, she feels very happy. I suggest her to keep the acupuncture for another 2 to 4 weeks, maybe  the stomach ulcer will be helped. visit us on 1054 new north road mt albert auckland or phone09-8150518

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